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3 Reasons a Logo Tells a Powerful Story

Does your logo pop?

Your logo is your company’s face. It will tell the world a lot about your company. That is why your logo must tell the right story about your business.

1) Does your logo match the culture and philosophy of your business?

If not, there is probably a disconnect between your brand and how your prospective clients perceive what your business offers. You need to understand the story you want your business to tell, then your logo should accurately reflect that story.

Here is an example with Story Trainers partner company, Eggrolla. Eggrolla is a premium massage egg. We devoted two storytelling design teams to the logo to test how the public would perceive each brand. We gave each team a different objective about how we wanted people to perceive Eggrolla.

We had our first storytelling design team create a logo that would tell a story of a premium massage and fitness product that reflects a high-end brand. We asked our second design team to create a fun logo that would attract attention in a retail environment.

Here are the final logos from each design team:

This logo is a premium brand that tells the right story. This elegant Eggrolla logo appeals to the target demographic that would purchase a product in this category.

This logo was bright and would attract attention, but did not tell the right story about Eggrolla.

You can see the major difference between the two logos. The first one is a perfect match to the story Eggrolla wants to tell and represents the premium brand category.

Our research on the second logo showed people thought Eggrolla was a children’s toy or a breakfast serial.

2) Is your logo your best salesperson?

It better be. Your logo is often the first element your prospects see that represents your business. It should reflect your company’s offerings and core values. In the Eggrolla example above, the second logo would have told the wrong story and attracted the audience Eggrolla did not want. When people look at your logo, it should give them an idea of what you do, but it should also offer an element of mystery and intrigue so it encourages them to further explore your company.

When your logo generates intrigue and curiosity, your potential customers will take a closer look at your company. That is why your logo needs to be the first step in identifying your story and serving as a primary tool of demonstrating why your prospective clients would want to work with you.

3) The colors you choose for your logo are as important as the logo itself.

What reaction do people get when they see your logo? Color is such an important element of the emotional story and connection people will feel when they see your brand.

Color was a primary focus for the Eggrolla logos. The colors in the first logo are properly matched with the product category. Our Story Trainers research showed people associated the colors we used in the first Eggrolla logo with relaxation, fitness and a premium high quality brand. The research on the second logo generated comments such as a toy, food and childish.

Logos are just the first part of a successful storytelling campaign. Once you establish a strong brand that represents your story, then you can build a full storytelling image campaign that truly represents the company you have always wanted to run.

Story Trainers builds epic storytelling campaigns and logos that help you identify your brand, then build a meaningful connection with your target demographic to skyrocket sales. For more information, visit

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