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OTA Talent Fastest Growing TV News Agency in America

Remarkable Revenue Growth

Implementing Story Trainers proprietary marketing tools, partner company OTA Talent is now the fastest growing TV news agency in America by client, revenue and team member growth.

Using the Story Trainers system, OTA Talent has become the fastest growing TV news agency in America. Through powerful storytelling, impactful image campaigns and a defined, story-based sales cycle, Story Trainers helped OTA Talent skyrocket revenues by a staggering 24 TIMES! The agency increased staff size by 8 TIMES and exploded client growth, either doubling or tripling the agency size each year.

Story Trainers accomplished all of this with a low customer acquisition cost, leveraging OTA’s reputation and viral aspects of this dynamic image campaign.

Story Trainers created a series of storytelling videos for OTA Talent. We researched what prospective clients wanted out of a TV news agency and addressed those needs via a number of impact-driven videos that resulted in an unprecedented revenue growth rate.

Story Trainers identified OTA Talent’s core message and created a results-based image campaign and branding to reflect this new corporate message.

The storytelling image campaign started with reinventing the OTA Talent logo with a new dynamic look to reflect the high-tech broadcast industry:

Former OTA Talent Logo
New OTA Talent Logo

Story Trainers created a disrupter brand for OTA Talent. The ongoing image campaign quickly established OTA Talent as an industry leader, which resulted in significant revenue opportunities.

Story Trainers identified the key assets that were important to prospective industry clients. We built a campaign around these crucial issues that resonated with the targeted audience and resulted in revenues multiplying by 24 TIMES.

In addition to comedy, we also focused on the targeted pain points that irritated industry clients. We built a powerful story based on those concerns and demonstrated how OTA Talent offers something different, something better.

Story Trainers positioned OTA Talent as a nationwide industry leader. That story and message resonated with OTA’s core target audience, resulting in an category-leading growth rate.

About Story Trainers

Story Trainers builds storytelling image and brand campaigns for top companies throughout the world. They specialize in crafting meaningful stories that capture attention. Story Trainers offers innovative and premier marketing tools that will captivate your audience and help grow your business.

Story Trainers is a high-impact storytelling agency. Story Trainers has a reputation as a premium agency that offers concierge client service. For more information, visit

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