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Eggrolla Packaging

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Story Trainers Results-Driven Success

Story Trainers created packaging for partner company Eggrolla that would quickly tell a story of what the product is and how the consumer would benefit from it.

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Corporate Message Strategy & Implementation

Eggrolla?  What is that?

Story Trainers created packaging that would be Eggrolla’s best salesperson in a retail environment.  We loved the opportunity of creating a story for a new product and a new word (Eggrolla) in a striking package design. We overcame the challenge of consumers understanding what Eggrolla is by using a hand to show that Eggrolla is a handheld  massage roller.

We created a clean and sleek package to highlight the story of Eggrolla’s simplicity.  The key to this packaging was for consumers to understand what Eggrolla is and does in under five seconds.  We are proud of the end result.

Eggrolla Packaging

Story Crafted by Story Trainers

Story Crafted by Story Trainers
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