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In A World Crowded With Technology, Meet Simplicity. Meet Eggrolla™

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Corporate Message Strategy & Implementation

Story Trainers developed the product concept for partner company, Eggrolla. We built the story around the concept of an egg.

Why the name Eggrolla™?

The shape and flow of an egg seemed like the perfect choice for a product that should be relaxing and easy to grip. Once we created the shape, the name became clear to us! Egg (shape) Rolla (short for roller).

How many egg references are a part of Eggrolla™?

Four. The soft body is egg-shaped. The finger indents are egg-shaped. The design in the wheel is egg-shaped. The name Eggrolla™ surrounds the wheel.

Why is the Eggrolla™ slogan Squeeze, Roll & Relax™?

We thought that was the perfect slogan since it describes exactly how you should use Eggrolla™!

Dynamic Animated Graphics

Story Trainers designed the logo, packaging, branding, business cards and exhibit booth.

This elegant Eggrolla logo appeals to the target demographic that would purchase a product in this category.  This logo is a premium brand that tells the right story.

Story Trainers created packaging for Eggrolla that would quickly tell a story of what the product is and how the consumer would benefit from it.

Eggrolla Logo

Story Crafted by Story Trainers

Story Crafted by Story Trainers
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