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Ernie Hernandez

Branding Specialist


Ernie is a storytelling branding specialist, expert at developing memorable brand and image solutions from logo design to advertising collateral for digital and print.

Story Trainer Ernie Hernandez is an expert at understanding our client’s objectives and executing national campaigns.

In his more than 20 years of developing brand strategies, Ernie has worked with many companies, including Disney, Kaiser Permanente, Miller Lite, Blue Moon Brewery, MADD, UCLA, USC and Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Ernie has the magic touch. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. His imagination brings Story Trainers clients vision and work to life. Ernie has a unique way of telling a powerful story with his branding. He design work is memorable and has impact, helping our clients boost sales and build meaningful brands.

Expertise & Experience

Deep industry roots mean a better understanding of what you do.

There is a big difference between strategically building a targeted message and story versus just guessing on how to align your business. The Story Trainers team develops meaningful and significant change for our clients. The Story Trainers have a deep understanding of storytelling. We know how to craft your message and convey that value to your targeted prospects. That translates into substantial results!

Ernie Hernandez looking at the camera

The Story Trainers Difference

Connected Stories, Impactful Results

Connected Stories,  Impactful Results

Building a strategic story that sells, versus guessing.

High-impact, results-driven storytelling, specializing in maximizing your message and marketability to create significant business opportunities.

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