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Stephanie Ross

Executive Producer & Master Storyteller


Stephanie has unparalleled expertise in both news and non-scripted new media storytelling.

Story Trainer Stephanie Ross is an expert at understanding the message our clients want to create, then building a powerful story that will have an impact with the target audience.

With more than 15 years of experience both in front of and behind the camera, Stephanie understands how to tell memorable stories.


In addition to being a news reporter and anchor, Stephanie has produced for shows on networks including HGTV, The Travel Channel, The Weather Channel and Discovery Channel. She also spent nearly five years producing marketing and instructional content for, an NBCUniversal Company.

Stephanie is a passionate storyteller. Whether you want to share the brand of your business, create short form content for social media or simply need coverage of a special event, Stephanie knows how to make your project shine!

Our world is fast moving and visual. If you hope to capture new customers or maintain the loyalty of your current customers, video is the way to do it.

Stephanie excels at producing, videography, video editing and photography.

Expertise & Experience

Deep industry roots mean a better understanding of what you do.

There is a big difference between strategically building a targeted message and story versus just guessing on how to align your business. The Story Trainers team develops meaningful and significant change for our clients. The Story Trainers have a deep understanding of storytelling. We know how to craft your message and convey that value to your targeted prospects. That translates into substantial results!

Stephanie Ross

The Story Trainers Difference

Connected Stories, Impactful Results

Connected Stories,  Impactful Results

Building a strategic story that sells, versus guessing.

High-impact, results-driven storytelling, specializing in maximizing your message and marketability to create significant business opportunities.

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