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Travis Eckland

Storytelling Photojournalist


Travis specializes in cinematic storytelling.

Story Trainer Travis Eckland is expert at capturing human emotion while building powerful visual stories.

With a decade of experience as a filmmaker and marketer, Travis excels at telling stories that resonate with the target audience through genuine emotional connections.


Travis is an award-winning professional cinematographer, commercial director, and videographer. From making a complex corporate story easy to understand, to creating slick, high-profile music videos, he has filmed and crafted a wide variety of impactful storytelling masterpieces!

Expertise & Experience

Deep industry roots mean a better understanding of what you do.

There is a big difference between strategically building a targeted message and story versus just guessing on how to align your business. The Story Trainers team develops meaningful and significant change for our clients. The Story Trainers have a deep understanding of storytelling. We know how to craft your message and convey that value to your targeted prospects. That translates into substantial results!

Travis Eckland

The Story Trainers Difference

Connected Stories, Impactful Results

Connected Stories,  Impactful Results

Building a strategic story that sells, versus guessing.

High-impact, results-driven storytelling, specializing in maximizing your message and marketability to create significant business opportunities.

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