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The 3 Best Ways to Tell a Story With Your Business Card

Do you have a card?

If you do business in person, you probably hear that question many times throughout the day. Because of the overall emphasis on digital storytelling and marketing, many people have forgotten how important face-to-face interactions can be to your business. Having a business card you can use as a sales tool is a great way to set the tone for an in-person meeting.

1) Create a memorable business card with a theme!

While business cards are important so people will know how to reach you, the real benefit of cards is they serve as a storytelling sales tool before, during and after your meeting.

We can do a full sales presentation and tell a really powerful story about Story Trainers with just our business card. Here is a look at our Vice President’s card:

Powerful Stories Sell – Why Not Tell a Story With Your Business Card???

2) Sell with your business card!!!

If you are taking the time to give someone your card, why not have a real purpose behind it? Story Trainers designed our business cards so if we did not have any other marketing materials with us, we could do a full storytelling sales presentation directly from our card. You would be surprised how many times we do that. Either sitting in a restaurant, waiting in line or other chance encounters, these business cards are excellent conversation pieces that are a really powerful lead in to our sales flow and storytelling process.

We feature a QR code on our cards so prospective clients can quickly access our website after our meeting. We can also use it during the meeting if we want to make a more in-depth presentation.

3) Your card should look stunning and properly utilize the front and back!

In business environments like conventions or trade shows, people collect a lot of business cards. Most will get lost in the shuffle because of the long-held belief that we need simple white business cards – so all those cards look the same! Why waste a great marketing opportunity with a boring business card???

Your business card design elements will tell your prospective clients a lot about you and your company. The story you tell needs to be consistent throughout all of your marketing materials.

Your business card has two sides – you should leverage both of them! How silly would a blank billboard look?

Where is the message?

Wasted space!

This would be a complete waste of prime marketing real estate. The same is true with the back of your business card. Do not leave it blank.

Think about what makes you or your business different than your competition. You could list some features and the benefits of those elements on the back of your card.

Consider the color theme that best tells your story and fits your brand. Your card is an extension and connection to the digital element of your business, so the branding should be consistent.

You need to determine how to incorporate your business card into your storytelling process and connect it with your overall image campaign to create a cohesive sales flow to convert your prospects to clients.

Story Trainers builds epic storytelling campaigns and business cards that help you identify your brand, then build a meaningful connection with your target demographic to skyrocket sales. For more information, visit

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